Art List

A list of upcoming art I wish to complete for the Kushiel's Legacy universe.  This list is subject to change with the whims of the artist and I may jump around a bit to whatever inspires me more.  Some descriptions here on the list may be spoilers so reader beware!

The Book Cover Redesigns

- Kushiel's Dart  (may be doing a 2nd redesign as I wasn't 100% satisfied with the first)
- Kushiel's Chosen
- Kushiel's Avatar

- Kushiel's Scion
- Kushiel's Justice
- Kushiel's Mercy

- Naamah's Kiss
- Naamah’s Curse
- Naamah’s Blessing


From Kushiel's Dart:
- Phèdre's scourging at the temple of Kushiel
- Phèdre and Melisande at the Longest Night
- Joscelin and Phèdre in the cave of Elua
- Series of portraits of each of the Houses attending the Midwinter Masque

Concept Art

- Character sheets for the main players (ie. Phèdre, Melisande, Joscelin, Anafiel, Elua and his Companions)
- Environment paintings of locales from the story (ie. The Palace exterior and anterior, Night's Doorstep, The Houses of the Night Blooming Flowers, Selig's camp, etc.)
- Marque designs
- Weapons and wardrobe (ie. Cassiline Brotherhood garb, etc.)

Artisan Crafts

- Sun Prince and Naamah Masks
- Necklace and Circlet sets based on the Houses of the Night Court (already completed Cereus)
- Masks based on the Night Court
- Character Masks (Already completed one for Phèdre and Naamah)

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